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Recipients of the Maurice K. Goddard Award

  • 2018
    Mr. Mark Hartle
    Mr. Hartle was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the protection of fisheries in the Susquehanna River Basin. His coordination on the technical review of energy sector water use applications before the Commission, his key role in developing ecological flow standards for the River and its tributaries, and his participation on the Commission’s advisory committees are just a few of his remarkable contributions.

    Mr. James J. Brozena

    James J. Brozena was recognized for his enormous contributions to flood hazard mitigation which has helped protect public health, safety, and welfare. These contributions included the Wyoming Valley Levee Raising Project that significantly addressed flood protection stuctures and stormwater runoff and enhanced mitigation planning and recreational opportunities. In June 2007, Mr. Brozena became the first Executive Director of the Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority. He will always be recognized for his achievements as the project manager of the Wyoming Levee Raising Project. That project involved raising existing levees and flood walls to protect communities from flooding and significantly enhanced local recreation and riverfront access.


    Willard (Bill) Harman, Ph.D.
    In his role as Distinguished Service Professor and Director of the Biology Department at SUNY Oneonta, Dr. Harman contributed significantly to aquatic research, including concerns related in invasive species. He contributed to more than 198 technical publications. Dr. Harman was also actively involved in public information and education projects because he understood the importance of raising public awareness of Otsego Lake's unique ecosystem. Among his many achievements, Dr. Harman led the acquisition of 44 years of data that has enabled Otsego Lake to be used as an Ecological Reference site and serve as the foundation for the Otsego Lake Watershed Management Plan.

    Mr. David Nicosia

    As a Warning Coordination Meterologist at the National Weather Service in Binghamton, N.Y., David Nicosia made enormous contributions to flood mitigation with unwavering commitment to the public he serves. Before, during and after flood events, he worked non-stop to make sure emergency officials and flood managers got the information they needed to make good decisions. SRBC has worked closely with Mr. Nicosia to enhance flood forecasting, to raise awareness on the dangers of driving on flooded roads, and to reach out to communities to help them better prepare for flooding.

    Mr. William Gast

    As Chief of the Division of Water Use Planning, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Mr. Gast was recognized for his 38 years of dedicated service to DEP and for his invaluable assistance as Pennsylvania's alternate commissioner for nearly 10 years. In his capacity as alternate commissioner, he was a devoted and active member of SRBC's Water Resources Management Advisory Committee, Drought Coordination Committee, Interagency Committee on the Susquehanna Flood Forecase and Warning System, as well as numerous issue-specific, ad hoc committees. He was an essential player in SRBC's regulatory program--reviewing water withdrawl and use applications, regulatory policies and guidances, and the revision of SRBC's regulations.

    Mr. Leroy M. Young, Jr.

    Leroy M. Young, Jr., the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission's (PFBC) Chief of Aquatic Resources Section in the Division of Environmental Studies, was recognized for 23 years of work at the PFBC where he made significant contributions to the protection of fisheries--a vital resource management function of the Susquehanna basin. He also served as the Regional Director for Region 54 of the Instream Flow Council, an international organization of state and provincial government instream flow biologists. From 1996 to 1998, Mr. Young worked with an interagency team to develop the Pennsylvania/Maryland Instream Flow Model. Additionally, he specializes in training and has been involved in the design, review, and conduct of numerous instream flow studies in Pennsylvania.

    Ms. Jennifer Fais

    Jennifer Fais, Principal Planner at the Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board, was recognized for her excellent contributions to watershed management, community environmental planning, wellhead protection, and water quality programs. Over the years, Ms. Fais has provided technical and planning assistance to Steuben, Corning, Chemung, and Schuyler Counties in New York. Ms. Fais has also been an integral part of the Chemnung River Basin Trail Partnership.

    Richard St. Pierre

    Richard St. Pierre was recognized for 29 years as a fishery management biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the principal conservation agency of the U.S. Department of the Interior. He oversaw the multi-agency migratory fish restoration effort on the Susquehanna River in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. Mr. St. Pierre chaired the Fish Passage Workgroup of the Chesapeake Bay Program using matching federal funds to reopen more than 1,000 miles of dammed tributary streams to anadromous fish spawning runs in the Chesapeake watershed.

    Mr. N.G. Kaul, P.E.

    N.G. Kaul was recognized for his work with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation serving as Director, Division of Water responsible for water quality and quantity. Mr. Kaul has worked for Water Quality Planning Studies, Non-point Source Pollution, and as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Environmental Quality.

    Michael S. Smith and Michael A. Sprague

    Michael S. Smith and Michael A. Sprague were recognized for their enormous contributions to flood preparedness and response. Their efforts saved lives and reduced property damages during floods. Mr. Smith has served as Director of the Cheming County Office of Fire and Emergency Management in the state of New York. He was responsible for the duties of Fire Coordinator, Emergency Manager and Communications/E9-1-1 Operations. Mr. Sprague served as the Director of the Steuben County Office of Emergency Services. He was responsible for the duties of Fire Coordinator, Emergency Manager, Communications, and management of the office and its budget.

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