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Confluence of Susquehanna and Lackawanna Rivers

Mine drainage pollution from the Lackawanna River entering the Susquehanna River near Pittston, Pa. (above); Water quality monitoring equipment (below)

Equipment Panel


Susquehanna River Basin Commission
4423 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110
phone (717) 238-0423; fax (717) 238-2436

The Susquehanna River EWS was established in 2003 to enhance protection of public water supplies through monitoring source water quality in the Susquehanna River and select major tributaries. The primary objectives for the system are:

Platform Image

Data platform for remote stations (above); Total organic carbon analyzer (below)

EWS Equipment

***During the winter season, data transmission schedules to the web site may be reduced for select stations to conserve power, since the stations are powered by solar panels which can be affected by snow/ice conditions and shorter daylight hours. In addition, water quality observations may be affected at times by ice buildup and/or blockages.