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Bay Partners Communities Program

The Chesapeake Bay Partner Communities program was initiated by the Chesapeake Executive Council in 1995, and is co-sponsored by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission and other agencies. The program encourages and supports local governments in the bay watershed that are committed to protecting water quality, the bay, and its many tributaries. Communities interested in the program, should contact (215) 814-5423 or visit the Chesapeake Bay Program's web site.

The goal is to broaden the role of local governments in the Chesapeake Bay Program to employ local solutions. Communities will be selected for one of the three designations (bronze, silver, or gold) based on their accomplishments in the following themes: (1) improving water quality; (2) promoting sound land use; (3) protecting and restoring living resources and habitat; and (6) engaging the community.

The ultimate goal is to designate 20 percent of local governments by the year 2005, with a mid-range goal of achieving 10 percent designation by 2000. In addition to the established forms of recognition, Bay Partner Communities, in some instances, will receive priority standing during the Chespeake Bay Program's budget process.