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Cumulative Water Use and Availability Study for the Susquehanna River Basin

Watering Turf
The Cumulative Water Use and Availability Study represents the most comprehensive evaluation of water use and availability throughout the Susquehanna River Basin conducted to date. The effort was driven by the Commission’s Comprehensive Plan to manage water resources beginning at the watershed level to assure short-term resource availability and long-term balance between healthy ecosystems and economic viability.

To access the summary report, technical report, or interactive web map, please see the links below.

For illustrative purposes, the following schematic depicts how the Commission estimated water availability for Basin watersheds:

Net Balance Figure

For more information, please contact Gwyn Rowland, Manager, Governmental and Public Affairs, Susquehanna River Basin Commission, by phone at 717.238.0423, ext. 1316 or by email at growland@srbc.net.