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SRBC Water Resources Program

The Susquehanna River Basin Compact (P.L. 91-575) requires SRBC to annually adopt a Water Resources Program to implement various goals and actions identified in the Comprehensive Plan. The Water Resources Program is to consist of projects and facilities that SRBC, other agencies, and the private sector plan to undertake to help meet water resources needs in the Susquehanna River Basin. The current Comprehensive Plan was approved by the Commission at its December 12, 2013 business meeting and can be downloaded here.

Water Resources Program, Fiscal Years 2018 - 2019 (In Effect)

SRBC has prepared a Water Resources Program for Fiscal Years 2018- 2019, which was approved by the Commission at its June 16, 2017 business meeting. In addition to SRBC’s planned actions, input from eight federal agencies and several state agencies in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland was used to catalog planned projects and facilities in the Susquehanna River Basin. A comprehensive list of the agencies who provided input is presented at the end of the document. The current Water Resources Program can be downloaded here.