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Mine Drainage Program

This program involves assessment and restoration planning leading to design and construction of mine drainage treatment and/or mine land restoration projects.

The Mine Drainage Program is focused on activities that could lead to the restoration of the 1,975 stream miles in the Susquehanna River Basin that are currently listed as being impaired by Mine Drainage in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (PADEP's) 2012 Integrated List of Impaired Waters and/or the 108.34 square miles of the Susquehanna Basin that are classified as Abandoned Mine Land in PADEP's 2013 Abandoned Mine Land Inventory.

There are four main mine drainage impact areas in the Susquehanna Basin. The largest is the Main Bituminous Coal Field that impacts a large section of the West Branch Susquehanna Subbasin. Next in size are the four separated coal fields (Northern, Eastern-Middle, Western-Middle, and Southern) that constitute the Anthracite Region of eastern Pennsylvania. Next in size is the Broadtop Coal Field and the small section of Main Bituminous Coal Field to the west of Altoona. Both impact different headwater areas of the Juniata River Basin. Lastly, there is a small section of the North-Central Bituminous Field and Western-Northern Anthracite Field that impact the Tioga River and Schrader Creek drainages, respectively.

mine drainage map

Anthracite Coal Region

Bituminous Coal Region

Mine Drainage Portal:

The Mine Drainage Portal provides public access to data compiled as part of the Commission's efforts to assess and track impacts to water quality from mine drainage in the basin. Use search tools and an interactive map to find sample locations, view results and generate graphs.

aerial picture of Bear Run Phase II 2008 aerial photo of Bear Run Phase II 2011
Aerial Photos of Bear Run Phase II in 2008 (above left) and 2011 (above right)
Contact: Thomas Clark, Mine Drainage Program Coordinator
Phone: (814) 521-0093
E-mail: tclark@srbc.net
SRBC Office

Bear Run BEFORE Phase I Treatment

SRBC OfficeBear Run AFTER Phase I Treatment