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PCWEA Paxton Creek Watershed BMP Tours

SRBC is pleased to host this watershed bus-tour project of the Paxton Creek Watershed and Education Association.

map of sites

Paxton Creek Watershed and Education Association (PCWEA) has constructed two online tours of sites with stormwater BMPs in this watershed in and around Harrisburg. Tour 1 is in Harrisburg and Susquehanna Township. Tour 2 is in Lower Paxton Township.

Tour I Sites & BMP Types

  1. HACC Bioretention (A), Rain Garden (B), Riparian Buffer (C), & Underground Infiltration (G)
  2. Farm Show Rain Garden (B), Vegetated Swale (J) & Stormwater Runoff Capture & Reuse (N)
  3. U.S. Post Office Mail Center Retention Basin (L)
  4. Londonderry School Rain Garden (B)
  5. State Farm Road Gabions (M)
  6. State Hospital Riparian Buffe (C)
  7. State Police Bioretention Area (A, J)
  8. Black Run Stream Rehabilitation (D)
  9. Beaufort Plaza Underground Infiltration (G)
  10. Capitol View Commerce Center Conservation Landscaping (B) & Riparian Buffer (C)
  11. Brandywine Village Detention Basin (K)
  12. Roadside Vegetated Swale-Rain Garden (J-B) & Riprap (O)
  13. Wildwood Lake Morning Glory Drain Retrofit (E)

Tour 2

  1. Shirley, Ditty & Malfiso Dental Office Rain Garden (B)
  2. Centennial Acres Park Rain Garden (B) & Stream Buffer (C)
  3. Centennial Acres Residential Area Conservation Landscaping (B) & Riparian Buffer (C)
  4. Office Court of Harrisburg Vegetated Swale (J)
  5. Linglestown United Methodist Church Riparian Buffer (C)
  6. Koons Park Rain Garden (B)
  7. Linglestown Middle School Rain Garden (B)
  8. Brightbill Park Buffer (C) & Rehabilitation (D)
  9. Friendship Center Conservation Landscaping (B), Detention Basin Retrofit (E), Gabions (M), & Erosion Controls (O)
  10. St. Thomas Roasters Rain Garden (B) & Rain Barrel (F)