Water Use & Development
Floods & Droughts
Mine Drainage
Sediment & Nutrients
Human Health & Drinking Water Protection
Habitat & Aquatic Resources

About the State of the Susquehanna

The 2013 State of the Susquehanna report is produced by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission to provide the public a snapshot look at data and trends associated with seven overarching water resource indicators. The seven indicators, which are the same as those covered in SRBC’s 2010 State of the Susquehanna report, are:

  1. Water Use and Development
  2. Floods and Droughts
  3. Stormwater
  4. Mine Drainage
  5. Sediment and Nutrients
  6. Human Health and Drinking Water Protection
  7. Habitat and Aquatic Resources

Criteria and Data

In addition to supporting text, maps and graphics and focus stories, each indicator includes a table containing the criteria that SRBC measured and their associated data covering specific assessment periods. SRBC’s goal is to let the data speak for themselves, not to use the State of the Susquehanna as a vehicle for rating or ranking conditions.

Drinking Water Connection

This 2013 report features "The Drinking Water Connection" to draw attention to the importance of protecting water supplies for the more than 6 million people – both in and out of the Susquehanna basin – who rely on the basin for their water.

In addition to relating how each of the seven indicators affect drinking water conditions, there is an informative chart listing the major public water supplies in the Susquehanna basin, their water sources and the population served.