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Juniata Subbasin

Geographic features: The Juniata River, the second largest tributary to the Susquehanna River, is formed by the confluence of the Little Juniata River and the Frankstown Branch Juniata River. The Juniata Subbasin is entirely within the Valley and Ridge Physiographic Province, which is characterized by a series of tightly-folded parallel mountains and long, narrow valleys. Major streams run through the center of valleys, picking up flow from small tributaries from the flanks of mountains.

Farming, the predominant economic activity, is scattered throughout the valleys, while the steep mountain ridges are exclusively forested. The subbasin population is largely rural, with the Altoona-Hollidaysburg area being the only sizable urban center.

Drainage area: 3,404 square miles

Major tributaries: Juniata, Little Juniata, Frankstown Branch Juniata River

Population: 315,350* (7.6% of the total basin population)
*Population estimated from 2010 Census

Major population centers: Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Bedford, Lewistown, Huntingdon, Mount Union

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