William W. Jeanes, Sr.

January 12, 1909-January 17, 1987
William Jeanes
Recipients of the William W. Jeanes, Sr., Award

2011: Bernard McGurl
Mr. McGurl was recognized for his work to protect water quality in the Susquehanna watershed. Mr. McGurl, a fourth generation native of Northeast Pennsylvania and a Scranton resident, has been the Executive Director of the Lackawanna River Corridor Association (LRCA) since 1991. Mr. McGurl and a group of community volunteers founded LRCA in 1987 to promote the restoration and conservation of the Lackawanna River and its watershed resources. He served as the organization's president in a voluntary capacity from 1989-1991.

2009: The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy was recognized for its work to protect water quality in the Susquehanna watershed. Mary Bryer, director of the Conservancy's Chesapeake Bay Program, accepted the award on behalf of the organization. The Conservancy has worked to conserve natural resources in the Susquehanna River Basin, including protecting more than 25,000 acres of lands throughout the Susquehanna Basin, many of which are located in headwater areas critical for providing clean and abundant water.

2009: Robert E. Hughes
Mr. Hughes was recognized for his commitment and dedication to abandoned mine reclamation and abandoned mine drainage (AMD) remediation. He served as the executive director of the Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation--a nonprofit organization covering 16 counties in eastern Pennsylvania. Mr. Hughes is an advocate for innovative, environmental sound reclamation and AMD remediation techniques.

2007: John Dawes
Mr. Dawes of Alexandria, Huntingdon County, was recognized for his contributions to water quality protection and support of watershed groups, particularly as Administrator of the Western Pennsylvania Watershed Program, which provides financial support and guidance to local watershed and volunteer-based organization. Mr. Dawes was also cited for his leadership in several watershed organizations and for working tirelessly in 2006 with a coalition that assisted in the landmark reauthorization of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.

2006: Skip Weider
Mr. Weider was recognized for his leadership and dedication to improving water quality and enhancing the quality of life in the Susquehanna River Basin. He served as Sr. Vice President Emeritus and Sr. Consultant for Geisinger Health System and Vice Chair of WVIA-the public television and radio broadcasting affiliate in northeastern Pennsylvania. Among his many notable environmental contributions, Mr. Weider is a founding member and director of the Susquehanna River Heartland Coalition for Environmental Studies.

2005: PPL Project Earth
PPL Project Earth was PPL Corporation's company-wide commitment to the environment, showcasing environmental education, emission reduction efforts, and the employee-based volunteer program. PPL Project Earth was the first to partner with the Commission in 2000 to kick-off the Streamside Cleanup Program, a public-private partnership designed to help communities and local grassroots organizations to reduce the amount of litter impacting the environment.

2002: Harry Barnes
Mr. Barnes was a dedicated environmentalist for many years, and his emphasis on environmental education and hands-on learning have been invaluable since the late 1960s. He was recognized for spearheading the creation of the Susquehanna River Watch Program while working for the Board of Cooperation Education Services in Binghamton, New York. His emphasis on watershed management in his teachings helped students and teachers better understand the water quality problems associated with erosion and the importance of maintaining healthy stream-side buffers along waterways.

2000: Betty Conner
Ms. Conner was recognized for her lifelong interest in conservation and nature. Ms. Conner served as the Land Use Specialist for the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania. Prior to that position, she served as the League's Director of Natural Resources, where she participated in a number of state-level advisory committees and boards. She has also been involved as an active member of Swatara Creek Watershed Association and Capital Region Water Board.