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SRBC efforts, research and staff are making headlines:

Date Headline
05/19/23 $1.8 million in grants to help improve Lancaster County streams, water systems
05/18/23 Commission awards $6+M for water projects
05/07/23 Millville students get nature lessons
04/19/23 Significantly Lower Water Flow May Have Long-ranging Ripple Effect
04/05/23 Susquehanna River Basin Commission Launches Groundwater Level Monitoring Grant Program
03/09/23 Resilience Resurfaces: TheBurg Podcast, March 2023
(Podcast with guest Andrew Dehoff, SRBC Executive Director) - more about Andrew Dehoff
03/03/23 From Mars to Kline Twp.: Technology Helps Detect Leaks
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02/28/23 A Change in the Weather: Why Flooding is Our Top Risk
02/15/23 Will Toxic Chemicals From Ohio Train Derailment Reach Central Pa?
02/06/23 Susquehanna River Islands Sold to State, Conservationists Praise Move
01/01/23 Millville Eels in the Classroom (EIC) Update (Google Drive File)
12/20/22 Susquehanna River Basin Commission Approves Oil & Gas Development, Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Water Withdrawal Requests
12/06/22 Reclaiming And Remediating Abandoned Mine Drainage For Clean Water Use
10/17/22 Susquehanna River Basin Commission Has No Exclusion Zones for Water Withdrawals From Any Streams, Including Ev or Hq Streams Subject to Water Quality Antidegradation Rules
10/14/22 Susquehanna River Basin Commission Holds Nov. 3 Hearing on Water Withdraws, Including 3 Natural Gas Development Proposals
10/10/22 Hearing Set Tuesday on Plan to Withdraw 200,000 Gallons of Water Near Beech Mountain Lakes
09/23/22 Event to Mark 50th Anniversary of Clean Water Act
09/06/22 New Plan in Place for Pollution Problems at Conowingo Dam
09/02/22 Susquehanna River Basin Commission Monitors Hydrologic Conditions Across the Basin; Including Oil and Gas Operations
08/16/22 This Mysterious Fish Could Rescue East Coast Rivers
07/20/22 Susquehanna River Basin Commission “Immensely Grateful” for Additional Funding
07/13/22 Round-up: Gov. Wolf Solidifies Legacy With $3.7 Billion Increase for Education, Additional Support for Ensured Pennsylvania Success in Capstone Budget
07/13/22 Observers Say State Budget is a Boon for Environment
07/11/22 50 Years Later
07/07/22 Conowingo Cleanup: Will Epa’s ‘no Confidence’ Stance Change With Funding?
06/24/22 An Unlikely Team
06/23/22 Improvements in Flood Mitigation Infrastructure and Technology Since Hurricane Agnes
05/25/22 Blossburg Property Purchased – Tioga River Clean-up Moves One Step Ahead
05/23/22 Susquehanna River Basin Commission: Cloud Data and Water Quality Monitoring
05/18/22 A Clean Tioga River by 2025; New Plant Will Clean Mine Pollutants
05/11/22 The ABC’s of AHE
05/10/22 Plunketts Creek Project Earns Award (Multiple Publications, Small Papers)
05/07/22 Dam Fish Lifts Closed to Prevent Snakeheads From Swimming Up Susquehanna River
05/01/22 Public Encouraged to Be Mindful of Water Draws on Smaller Streams, Reach Out With Concerns, Questions
04/08/22 Stewards of the Water Start on Land, Susquehanna River Basin Commission Volunteers Plant Trees at Horn Farm Center in York County
04/08/22 Susquehanna River Basin Commission Eels in the Classroom Program Partners With Schools to Release American Eels
04/01/22 Dozens of Eels Released Into the Conodoguinet Creek
04/01/22 All About Eels: East Pennsboro Biology Students Participate in Eel Release at Conodoguinet Creek
02/16/22 Susquehanna River Basin Commission’s New Storymap Showcases Water Quality Monitoring System
02/03/22 River Ice Can Create Problems, Especially in Milder Rainy Weather
02/03/22 Design Contract Awarded for Tioga River Mine Drainage Treatment
01/26/22 How Does Moving Water Like the Susquehanna River Freeze?
01/25/22 Ice is Floating on the Susquehanna River. What Do Know About It, and When to Worry