Our Staff

Executive, Administration & Finance
Andrew D. Dehoff, P.E, Executive Director
Andrew D. Dehoff, P.E.
Executive Director

Ava A. Stoops
Administrative Specialist 2

Andrew J. Gavin
Deputy Executive Director

Marcia E. Hutchinson, Director, Administration and Finance
Marcia E. Hutchinson
Director, Administration and Finance

Marjorie Danko

Jason E. Oyler, General Counsel
Jason E. Oyler, Esq.
General Counsel and Secretary to the Commission

Erin Lynam
Coordinator and Policy Specialist
Curtis Sebastian
Assistant Counsel

Gene G. Veno, Director, Governmental Affairs & Public Advocacy
Gene Veno
Director, Governmental Affairs & Public Advocacy

Gordon D. Lauger, Manager, Accounting
Gordon D. Lauger
Manager, Accounting

Donna Heiser
Accounting Assistant

Brydon H. Lidle, III. Manager, Information Technology
Brydon H. Lidle III
Manager, Information Technology

Charles G. Frank
Web Application Developer
Mike Sweitzer
Systems Administrator
Bret A. Wagner
Database Developer
Jeffrey L. Zimmerman
GIS Developer

Technical Programs
 Paula B. Ballaron, P.G.. Manager, Policy Implementaion and Outreach
Paula B. Ballaron, P.G.
Manager, Policy Implementation and Outreach

Compliance & Enforcement
Jeremy Hoffman, SRBC Compliance
Jeremy M. Hoffman
Manager, Compliance & Enforcement

Eric R. Roof
Supervisor, Compliance
Lauren Furjanic
Compliance Specialist 1
Rachelle A. Eby
Compliance Specialist 2
Maurita E. Hewitt
Compliance Specialist 2
Dorinda M. Kennedy
Administrative Specialist 1 (Sayre Field Office)
Trenton R. Knapp
Compliance Specialist 2 (Sayre Field Office)
Chad R. Martier
Compliance Specialist 2
Steven A. McFeaters
Compliance Specialist 3
Catalina Perez
Compliance Specialist 1 (Sayre Field Office)

Monitoring & Protection
Jamie P. Shallenberger, Manager, Monitoring and Protection
James P. Shallenberger
Manager, Monitoring and Protection

Thomas J. Clark
Environmental Scientist 3

Monitoring & Assessment

Ellyn J. Campbell
Supervisor, Monitoring & Assessment
Aaron M. Henning, CFP
Aquatic Biologist 2
Brianna Hutchison, CFP
Aquatic Biologist 2
Luanne Y. Steffy, ESA, C.E.
Aquatic Biologist 2

Restoration & Protection

Tyler E. Shenk
Supervisor, Restoration & Protection
Kimberly A. Dagen
Environmental Scientist 2
Matthew M. Elsasser
Environmental Technician 2
Dawn R. Hintz
Environmental Scientist 3
Joshua Inners
Environmental Technician
Kyle T. Kessler
Environmental Technician 2
Andrew B. King
Environmental Scientist 1
Blake Maurer
Environmental Technician 2

Planning & Operations
John W. Balay, P.H., Manager, Planning and Operations
John W. Balay, P.H., P.E.
Manager, Planning & Operations

Hilary Hollier
Administrative Specialist 1
Can Liu, P.H.
Water Resources Modeler
Pierre O. MaCoy, P.G.
Hydrologist 2
Graham D. Markowitz, P.G.
Hydrologist 2
Julian Mazero
Hydrologist 2
Benjamin A. Pratt, P.E., CFM
Water Resources Engineer

Project Review
Todd D. Eaby, P.G. Manager, Project Review
Todd D. Eaby, P.G.
Manager, Project Review

Stacie L. DeCock
Administrative Specialist 1
Cynthia L. Obenstine
Administrative Specialist 2


Michael K. Appleby, P.G.
Supervisor, Groundwater
Jane Block, P.G.
Hydrogeologist 1
Scott L. McFeaters, P.G.
Hydrogeologist 2
William L. Miller, P.G.
Hydrogeologist 2
Jeffrey C. Thomas, P.G.
Hydrogeologist 2

Surface Water

Michael F. College, P.E.
Supervisor, Surface Water
Brook Flynn
Hydrologist 1
David M. Haklar
Environmental Scientist 2
Glenda A. Miller
Approval by Rule (ABR) Coordinator
Bryan D. Snyder
Hydrologist 1
Wesley M. Reitz
Hydrologist 1