Passby Status Details

LHP Management Company, LLC / Fishing Creek (Clinton Country Club)

Docket Number
NAICS Description
Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction
Fishing Creek (Surface Water)
Approved Withdrawal
0.999 mgd (30 Day Average Limit)
Passby Type
Cease Withdrawal
Passby Location
Passby below Intake on Fishing Creek (using USGS Ref. Gage 01555000)

Trigger Gage
Penns Creek At Penns Creek, Pa. (01555000)
Trigger Flow
162.00  (1/1/2022 to 1/31/2022)
Latest Flow
 (1/24/2022 8:45:00 PM)
 cfs change since 1/23/2022 6:45:00 PM
Min. Flow 48 Hrs.

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