Water Resources Program 2019-2021

Key Project:

Adopt Consumptive Use Mitigation Policy

Priority Water Resources Need:

Develop Additional Consumptive Use Mitigation

Project Location:


Project Lead:

Project Description:

cooling towers SRBC regulations require projects to mitigate their consumptive water use. This is intended to address reductions in water availability during droughts to avoid water use conflicts and environmental impacts. SRBC has been developing a consumptive use mitigation policy to supplement existing regulatory requirements. The policy outlines SRBC’s consumptive use mitigation objective, defines current standards for developing mitigation projects, and expands the scope of acceptable mitigation alternatives. Upon adoption, the policy will provide guidance to regulated projects, SRBC staff, and the public regarding approaches to mitigating consumptive water use in the basin.

  • Developing adequate mitigation at both the basin and watershed scales.
  • Identifying new and innovative mitigation project partnerships.
  • Implementing mitigation in a consistent and coordinated manner.

Key Milestones:
  • •  Develop Draft Policy
    (June 2018)
  • •  Release Draft Policy for Public Comment
    (September 2019)
  • •  Address Comments and Finalize Policy
    (March 2020)
  • •  Adopt Final Policy
    (June 2020)