Water Resources Program 2019-2021

Key Project:

Complete Grandfathered Projects Registration

Priority Water Resources Need:

Enhance Assessment of Water Use and Availability

Project Location:


Project Lead:

Project Description:

There are more than 700 older, unpermitted (Grandfathered) facilities with a total estimated water use of nearly one billion gallons per day located in the basin. This volume of water use is roughly equal to the total amount currently accounted for, and managed by, the Commission.

This program is designed to close this significant knowledge gap of existing water use and demands to ensure the Commission’s ability to effectively manage the water resources of the basin. Grandfathered projects will register their maximum 30‐day average water uses with the Commission and report use data quarterly.

  • Rectifying variability in data quality and accuracy from project to project
  • Determining number of grandfathered projects needing registration

Key Milestones:
  • •  Begin registration process
    (January 2018)
  • •  Close registration process
    (December 2019)
  • •  Complete confirmation of all submitted grandfathered claims
    (July 2020)