Water Resources Program 2019-2021

Key Project:

Develop Construction Plans for Select AML/AMD Remediation Projects

Priority Water Resources Need:

Remediate Abandoned Mine Drainage Impacts

Project Location:

Pennsylvania’s Bituminous and Anthracite Coal Fields

Project Lead:

Project Description:

Mine Drainage Remediation Dollar‐for‐dollar, the remediation of legacy coal mining impacts has consistently demonstrated tangible and positive investments in terms of natural resources service and function uplift. Over the last several years, tightening federal and state budgets have given funding priority to “shovel‐ready” abandoned mine land and abandoned mine drainage (AML and AMD) projects. One outcome of recent funding priority focus is difficulty obtaining support for the multi‐year, upfront process of investigation, feasibility study, design, and permitting work needed to implement such projects. The Commission will support, from its Sustainable Water Resources Fund, a suite of “front‐end” activities to ensure a steady progression of “shovel‐ready” AML/AMD projects are available within the Basin. Candidate settings include: Wildwood, Loop Run, Hartshorn Run, Mahantango Creek, Hans Yost Creek, and several headwaters streams of Nescopeck Creek.

  • Legacy coal mining impacts profoundly affect the natural resource integrity across a broad geographic extent of the Susquehanna River Basin; however, a diverse and wide array of partnership possibilities are available to foster collaborations among diverse stakeholders.

Key Milestones:
  • •  Finalize construction package for Wildwood AMD project
    (June 2019)
  • •  Compile data and develop concept alternatives for Loop, Hartshorn, and Hans Yost Creeks
    (June 2019)
  • •  Collect data for Dillinger and Black Creeks
    (October 2019)
  • •  Finalize design for Loop, Hartshorn, and Hans Yost Creeks
    (June 2020)