Water Resources Program 2019-2021

Key Project:

Improve State Water Use Data Sharing Protocols

Priority Water Resources Need:

Enhance Assessment of Water Use and Availability

Project Location:


Project Lead:

Project Description:

SRBC and member state agencies maintain databases that archive approved (permitted) and reported (actual) water use data for regulated and/or registered projects. Due to differences in regulatory standards and database platforms, each water use dataset reflects unique data fields, timeframes, and units. Currently, this data is shared between agencies via a largely manual process in which database queries are exported to spreadsheets and furnished via email. Pertinent data is then extracted and used to supplement in‐house water use records to comprehensively assess water use across the Susquehanna River Basin.   This project aims to create a data sharing interface that can be used by SRBC and member state agencies to share, query, and download water use data for a variety of purposes. Doing so will help leverage partner resources, avoid duplication of efforts, and reduce regulatory burden.

  • Merging information from existing non‐compatible databases 
  • Rectifying inconsistencies in water use data across three states

Key Milestones:
  • •  Identify essential data fields
    (July 2019)
  • •  Complete programming of data sharing interface
    (December 2019)
  • •  Prepare data sharing protocol documentation
    (July 2020)
  • •  Implement data sharing interface
    (December 2020)