Water Resources Program 2019-2021

Key Project:

Tioga-Hammond Lakes Feasibility Study

Priority Water Resources Need:

Develop Additional Consumptive Use Mitigation

Project Location:

Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Project Lead:

Project Description:

tioga lake aerial view Tioga-Hammond Lakes is a United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) project providing flood damage reduction, water quality control, and recreation benefits. SRBC is interested in partnering with USACE on a study to determine if reservoir operations can be modified to provide low flow augmentation during droughts. Since project construction in 1978, abandoned mine drainage impacts in the watershed have been reduced significantly as a result of focused remediation efforts. Improved mine drainage conditions may lessen the need for water quality driven project operations and present opportunities for increased low flow management benefits.

  • Identifying appropriate study authority and securing federal funding
  • Developing streamlined scope of work, schedule, and cost estimate
  • Avoiding impacts to flood control, water quality, and recreation
  • Public opposition to study and changes to current project operations

Key Milestones:
  • •  Identify Study Authority
    (September 2018)
  • •  Issue Study Application Letter
    (December 2018)
  • •  Develop Project Management Plan
    (March 2020)
  • •  Execute Cost Sharing Agreement
    (December 2020)
  • •  Initiate Feasibility Study
    (March 2021)