Water Resources Program 2019-2021

Key Project:

Explore Updates to Groundwater Regulations and Policies

Priority Water Resources Need:

Update Regulatory Processes

Project Location:


Project Lead:

Project Description:
Groundwater withdrawal

Current regulations and policies provide little significant differentiation of the requirements for new versus renewing groundwater withdrawal projects. Some projects can provide significant historic monitoring and aquifer test data that can be used to evaluate the project without requiring additional aquifer testing. Also, not all groundwater withdrawal projects (new and renewing) present the same level of risk with respect to sustainability and the potential for adverse impact or interference with other water users. Risk is dependent on factors such as: size of withdrawal; location; sensitivity of nearby resources; cumulative water use; and proximity to other users. The Commission will explore possible updates to groundwater regulations and policies to consider appropriate review standards.

  • Formulating a basinwide approach given the range of hydrogeologic settings and water use

Key Milestones:
  • •  Commissioner and Stakeholder Outreach
    (December 2018)
  • •  Develop Recommendations for Regulatory/Policy Updates
    (June 2020)
  • •  Implement Adopted Recommendations
    (December 2020)