Water Resources Program 2019-2021

Key Project:

Update Basinwide Water Use and Availability Analysis

Priority Water Resources Need:

Enhance Assessment of Water Use and Availability

Project Location:


Project Lead:

Project Description:
Cumulative Water Use and Availability Map

SRBC’s Cumulative Water Use and Availability Study (CWUAS) entailed the most inclusive evaluation of water use and availability throughout the basin conducted to date. Development of a comprehensive water use database, integrating SRBC, member state, and estimated data, allowed for a thorough assessment of consumptive water use for basin watersheds. The water capacity threshold, used to calculate water availability, integrated a sustainable limit for water development, protection of low flows, and a safety factor to balance water supply and environmental flow needs. The associated CWUAS Tool and Web Map enable users to interactively investigate water use and availability conditions for basin watersheds. Upon completion of refined state data sharing protocols and grandfathered water use determinations, there will be an opportunity to update the CWUAS database, report, and planning tools.

  • Rectifying inconsistenciesin water use data across three states
  • Estimating water capacity and availability in ungauged watersheds
  • Incorporating projections of future water use and capacity

Key Milestones:
  • •  Update water use database
    (July 2020)
  • •  Update water use and availability estimates
    (December 2020)
  • •  Update planning tool and web map
    (June 2021)