Vegetation Network

The Vegetation Application Network focuses on ways LiDAR data can be used to map different aspects of vegetation.

Example applications:

  • Tree Canopy Coverage
  • Tree Canopy Heights
  • Vegetation/Biomass Density
  • Forest Management & Planning
  • Riparian Forest Buffers
  • Viewsheds (with tree canopy incorporated)
  • Serving out the LiDAR data as an LAS Datasets
  • Analyzing vegetation using the LAS Dataset Toolbar in ArcMap
Forest canopy height calculated from LiDAR and used to identify poor, average, and superior sites for growing trees. Source: Brubaker, Johnson, Leites, 2014

Become a member of the network:

If you are interested in joining the Vegetation application network please complete the form below and and click the "Submit" button. Members of the network may be invited to attend conference calls or meetings and will be able to submit reference materials such as tools, code, scripts, papers, etc.

For additional information contact: