Hydrography Network

Mapping of streams and rivers over very large areas has always been iterative and expensive. Now Digital Elevation Models (DEM), surfaces and topography derived from LiDAR are revolutionizing the way we represent and analyze surface waters. We will have truly 3-dimensional models and measurements, allowing new analyses of total flow accumulation, flow predictions, regional management decision support and more. This application sharing network can aid in thinking through the changes by sharing ideas and tools.

Example applications:

  • Finer-Scale Hydrology Data
  • Flow Accumulation
  • Flow Predictions
  • Enhanced Flowpath Modeling
  • Soil Moisture
  • Wetland Extraction
  • Flood Inundation Mapping
  • Drainage Areas
Topographic Wetness Index (TWI) calculated from LiDAR and used to identify potential overland flowpaths. Source: Susquehanna River Basin Commission, 2016


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