Vegetation Network

The Vegetation Application Network focuses on ways LiDAR data can be used to map different aspects of vegetation.

Example applications:

  • Tree Canopy Coverage
  • Tree Canopy Heights
  • Vegetation/Biomass Density
  • Forest Management & Planning
  • Riparian Forest Buffers
  • Viewsheds (with tree canopy incorporated)
  • Serving out the LiDAR data as an LAS Datasets
  • Analyzing vegetation using the LAS Dataset Toolbar in ArcMap


  • PASDA – Download LiDAR Data
  • ESRI White Paper – LiDAR Analysis in Forestry

Interested parties should contact:

Total height of the forest canopy has been calculated from LiDAR and used by forest managers to identify the poor, average, and superior sites for growing trees. Source: Brubaker, K. M., Johnson, S. E., Leites, L. P. 2014