Application Process

Welcome to the Commission’s library of forms and applications. Online applications are available for aquifer testing plans (ATP), ATP waivers, withdrawals, minor modifications, and consumptive water uses including Approval by Rule(e) and Approval by Rule(f).

General Information

Grandfathered Water Uses Registration Program
Surface Water

The online Groundwater Projects Water Withdrawal application and plan/waiver tools require use of Firefox.

Aquifer Testing

Aquifer Testing Plan Waiver

Groundwater Withdrawal Application

Consumptive Use

Approval by Rule (ABR)

Consumptive Use by Natural Gas Industry (ABR(f))

Consumptive Use - Non-Gas Solely Sourced by Public Water Supply (ABR(e))

Minor Modifications
Emergency Certificates

For information on emergency certificates, please contact Todd Eaby, Manager, Project Review at