Public Comment

The February 4, 2021, public hearing covered the following project applications that were presented for action by the Commission at its March 12, 2021, business meeting.

Projects Scheduled for Action:

  1. Project Sponsor and Facility: Beech Resources, LLC (Lycoming Creek), Lycoming Township, Lycoming County, Pa. Application for surface water withdrawal of up to 1.500 mgd (peak day). Tabled
  2. Project Sponsor and Facility: Geneva Farm Golf Course, Inc., Dublin District, Harford County, Md. Application for renewal of consumptive use of up to 0.099 mgd (30 day average) (Docket No. 19910104). Tabled
  3. Project Sponsor and Facility: Greenfield Township Municipal Authority, Greenfield Township, Blair County, Pa. Application for groundwater withdrawal of up to 0.499 mgd (30-day average) from Well PW-4. Tabled
  4. Project Sponsor and Facility: Hastings Municipal Authority, Elder Township, Cambria County, Pa. Application for groundwater withdrawal of up to 0.260 mgd (30-day average) from Mine Spring Well 1. Approved
  5. Project Sponsor and Facility: Montgomery Water Authority, Clinton Township, Lycoming County, Pa. Application for renewal of groundwater withdrawal of up to 0.220 mgd (30-day average) from Well 3 (Docket No. 19910705). Approved
  6. Project Sponsor and Facility: Renovo Energy Center LLC, Renovo Borough, Clinton County, Pa. Modification to extend the project commencement date of the approval (Docket No. 20160608). Approved
  7. Project Sponsor and Facility: Village of Sidney, Town of Sidney, Delaware County, N.Y. Modification to extend the approval term of the groundwater withdrawal approval (Docket No. 19860201) to provide time for development of a replacement source for existing Well 2 88. Approved
  8. Project Sponsor: SUEZ Water Pennsylvania Inc. Project Facility: Dallas Operation, Dallas Township, Luzerne County, Pa. Application for renewal of groundwater withdrawal of up to 0.168 mgd (30-day average) from the Schooley Well (Docket No. 19881103). Approved
  9. Project Sponsor and Facility: Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc., Town of Campbell, Steuben County, N.Y. Applications for groundwater withdrawals (30 day averages) of up to 0.510 mgd from Well 1 and renewal of up to 1.100 mgd from Well 4 (Docket No. 19950904). Approved
  10. Project Sponsor: Weaverland Valley Authority. Project Facility: Blue Ball Water System, East Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pa. Application for groundwater withdrawal of up to 0.144 mgd (30-day average) from Well 4. Tabled
  11. Commission-Initiated Project Approval Modifications:

  12. Project Sponsor and Facility: Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc., Walker Township, Juniata County, Pa. Conforming the grandfathered amount with the forthcoming determination for consumptive use of up to 0.049 mgd (30-day average) (Docket No. 20030809). Approved

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