Executive Director's Message

2018: A Notable Year in Water Resources

Andrew D. Dehoff, P.E., Executive Director

As the year draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the ebbs and flows in our world of water resources. 2018 will no doubt be remembered for its seemingly constant rainfall (please see "Summer of 2018 Extreme Hydrology" in our Fall E-newsletter). While we were spared widespread river flooding, many communities across the basin suffered damages to homes and businesses from devastating local floods. The wet weather and abnormally high streamflows significantly hindered Commission staff’s ability to conduct some of our routine water quality sampling, yet provided valuable information regarding sediment and nutrient pollutant loads that various tributaries contribute to the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay.

We were pleased to learn earlier this year that the Loyalsock Creek, right in the center of our Susquehanna Basin, was crowned Pennsylvania’s River of the Year. A true gem of the Susquehanna Basin, my hat’s off to Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Carol Parenzan for her dedication and advocacy in winning the 2018 recognition and for the attention and resources that will now be focused on the issues and attributes of the Loyalsock.

Finally, a retirement in late 2018 marked the end of the notable career of Executive Director John Arway at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC). PFBC has been a stalwart partner and supporter of SRBC, and its staff has been integral to development of our priorities and policies over the 25 years I’ve been at the Commission. I’m especially grateful for John’s “Save Our Susquehanna” campaign designed to bring attention and resources to address challenges facing the Susquehanna River. To a tireless and passionate advocate and ally, I say thank you, John, and best wishes for a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Best regards,
Andrew D. Dehoff, P.E.
Executive Director

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