Request for Information and Data

The Commission’s records and data are open and available to the public, academics, students, consulting firms, among others.

In 2009, the Commission adopted an Access to Records Policy to assure the public has access to Commission records consistent with the Susquehanna River Basin Compact. This action was further strengthened in 2017 with elements of the policy incorporated into Commission regulations. As a federal-interstate compact agency, the Commission is committed to open and transparent operations and accessibility of records to the public.

Access to Records Policy

Records Processing Fee Schedule

The Commission’s program areas collect a variety of data sets that are also available to the public. This data includes quarterly water use and post hydrofracture data, to name a few. Much of the Commission’s other data can be found on the Susquehanna Atlas and on the Portals section of the website.

For additional information or to submit a request for information or data, please contact Paula Ballaron, the Commission’s Access to Records Officer, at 717.238.0423 ext. 1222, or