Watershed Profile: Long Run near Gaines, PA

Watershed Overview
Long Run flows south into Pine Creek near Gaines, PA. All of Long Run Watershed is contained within western Tioga County, PA with a large portion of the watershed passing through State Gamelands and Tioga State Forest. The monitoring station is located near Gaines, PA close to the confluence with Pine Creek.
Drainage Characteristics
  • Drainage Area (square miles): 20.75
  • Total Stream Length (miles): 44.40
  • Average Annual Flow at Station (NHD) (cfs): 33.20
  • Population (2010): 251
Stream Classifications (Pennsylvania)
Designation Miles
Cold Water Fisheries 44.40
Total 44.40
  • Land Use
  • Description Percentage
    Water 0.32
    Developed Open Space 2.91
    Low Urban 0.04
    Barren 0.03
    Deciduous Forest 63.37
    Coniferous Forest 3.35
    Mixed Forest 16.48
    Shrub Scrub 0.71
    Grassland Herbaceous 0.19
    Pasture/Hay 12.44
    Cropland 0.17
    Wetlands 0.26
Underlying Geology
Rock Type Percentage
Sandstone 79.25
Shale 20.75
Recent Results
Sample Time 1/22/2022 10:00:00 AM
Temperature  (C) -0.04
Specific Conductivity  (mS/cm) 0.09
PH 7.06
Turbidity  (NTU+) 3.54
Dissolved Oxygen  (mg/L) 13.87
Dissolved Oxygen (last month of readings)
pH (last month of readings)
Specific Conductivity (last month of readings)
Temperature (last month of readings)
Turbidity (last month of readings)
Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Pads 0
  • Natural Gas Water Withdrawals 0
Public Water Supply Withdrawals
  • Groundwater 0
  • Surface Water 0
NPDES Discharges
Description Count
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation 0
Mining/Quarry 0
Stormwater 0
Wastewater Treatment Plant/Sewage Treatment Plant 0
Other 0